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End of 2022 Report

May & June

Just yesterday (actually March) I was writing about the excitement to come for what is usually the busiest part of my fishing season. Despite the enjoyment, successes, failures, and other challenges it took me 7 MONTHS to return to this format. This year we started really catching fish on a regular basis by the first part of May. There was no slowing down all through the months of May and June. I have said more than once I wish I could fish the first two weeks of June straight. Well, that time has expanded to almost those two entire months. This year rivaled all other years with the quantity and quality of the fish we caught. Whether fishing with clientele, my family, or friends I fished 26 different lakes and 5 rivers from May until today’s date. In fact, much of what I do for fun I relate to in terms of numbers.

As interesting as I find numbers, I find it even more interesting that I somehow decided to quantify experiences that you cannot assign a score or number to. Despite my own contradictions, here I go:


times my boat was skunked
(admittedly, I fished another that was!)


time I forgot the plug
(Jason was there, he knows)


the number of bullhead kept and cleaned


trips that were rained on


People that caught their first fish on my boat


the numbers of rivers fished
(from the urban Kalamazoo
to the wild Au Sable)


number of lakes fished


rough estimate on flies tied


the number of panfish fileted on our fish cleaning tables this year

*All these fish, and not one filet knife cut injury!

So you realized that you like to fish, what about floating down a river in a canoe while deer hunting? Does bluegill fishing suit your personality? Well then you need to try small game hunting. The outdoor world is full of passionate, singular focus specialists. Specialists in their craft see the world through the eyes of their quarry. Generalists see the world as a complete picture, or at least the human version of one.

What's Next (2023 and beyond)

This year my goal was to grow my business, which in turn allowed me to fish with people from all walks of life. In 2023 my focus will be on involving you, the reader, in more of my day to day activities as a fishing and hunting guide. I have realized through my conversations with many anglers on my boat that while ‘what I do’ is not unique, I have a compelling feeling to share my experiences with others so they can realize the potential of what the outdoor lifestyle has to offer.

I hope that by reading this blog, you can see more of what is possible, and have a better understanding of what you are capable of experiencing outdoors. Maybe you will see something you like and decide to do something that challenges you in a way you had not thought of before. God has given us a gift and that is meant to be enjoyed. See you outdoors.

Derek Weurding | Unwrapped Outdoors

Derek "Red Beard" Weurding

Derek is an elementary teacher full-time and enjoys taking both kids and adults outdoors for incredible hunting and fishing experiences. He resides in Lawton, MI and enjoys exploring lands and waters of the midwest and beyond.