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Welcome to
the Live Well!

I see fish in the live well like ideas on a blog.

As a dedicated panfish fisherman and guide, I use my live well. A lot. I have pitch counter clickers to keep track of fish that go in and out. The first fish of the trip is almost always a keeper…until you catch more and realize your eyes just got big on that first one. 

Sometimes, the live well is the holder of that lonely bluegill or two that you caught and thought was the start of something magical. Then they go back into the lake after a boat ride, unscathed. 

Either way, this Live Well is no different. You will see things you think are pretty great, and then try them and realize you could live without them. You will see things that you might try for a little bit, and then realize you can make them better. You may also adopt them as your own. I hope all of these things for you. They will all make you and I better anglers. For me, I try to make improvements in my angling because I enjoy the process of angling.

For you, that might look different. If we both are focusing on learning, then we will learn. This blog isn’t about sponsors, wacky lure names, trends, or selling flies (although it is my shameless hope you do decide to buy some). The Live Well is also not a knowledge dispensary. As Osborne Russell said “Experience is the teacher, hunger, a good sauce”. You need to go out and DO. That is the way to acquire angling knowledge.

If you like to hear fishing stories of all types, this place is for you.

Do you like a wide variety of outdoor experiences and some potentially deep dives on those experiences? This might be for you too. If you like to hear local fishing reports this place is for you too. Although you may really have to sort through something like you just read through to get to them. 

Just don’t expect the names of local lakes and rivers. If you see their names listed here, expect fallacy and deception. 

Thanks for joining me here, and I am looking forward to engaging you, the angler.

Derek Weurding | Unwrapped Outdoors

Derek "Red Beard" Weurding

Derek is an elementary teacher full-time and enjoys taking both kids and adults outdoors for incredible hunting and fishing experiences. He resides in Lawton, MI and enjoys exploring lands and waters of the midwest and beyond.